American Civil War Years
Peaceful Warriors Project's Salute to Allan Barnes
iMichigan Productions is producing Peaceful Warriors Project's Salute to Allan Barnes at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History on April 6th from 6-9PM.

Funds will be used to help preserve The Allan Barnes Lgegacy with the TV production and the establishment of The Allan Barnes Scholarship to help send talented music students to college and the purchase of new instruments.

Allan Barnes was Co-Founder of the Peaceful Warriors Project that celebrates the music of Veterans, preserves their stories and connects communities with Family Veteran Story.

Allan C. Barnes was a gifted instrumentalist, writer and teacher whose work will stand for his "masterful improvisation, supreme musicianship and his significant contributions to the preservation of the history of jazz."
Salute to Allan Barnes - Support Allan Barns GoFundMe
Peaceful Warriors Project  -  Living History: Veterans Interviews
It is the responsibility of every American community to remember, honor and capture the stories of its Veterans.

With this Living History: Veterans Interviews Project, we recognize our brave Michigan Veterans for their service, hoping to inspire other communities to forge a closer connection with Veterans and their experiences and discover the shining heroes and heroines in their midst.
Preserving Veterans Stories - Donate!
iMichigan Productions
iMichigan Productions is a 501(c) (3) incorporated in the State of Michigan by media professionals with over 75 years of collective experience in the classroom and behind the lens in producing Television, film, video and other media projects. iMichigan Productions has a reputation for quality work with our team of outstanding educators and filmmakers who are highly focused with exceptional talent for establishing and communicating vision to achieve remarkable sustainable results!
Our mission is to create digital content for Television and the Internet. We produce content for all platforms that is entertaining, educational and audience building. We create content that highlights Michigan’s contemporary and historical contributions. We work with Veterans through Peaceful Warriors Project that celebrates the music of United States Veterans and Living History: Veteran Interviews that share their amazing stories with the public. We work with aspiring young media students and graduates with an approach to become their bridge to the media jobs of the 21st Century.
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Living History Narratives
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